About CII-TECH         

CII-TECH provides facilities management services for corporate clients, with over 35 years of Bay Area industry experience.  

  • Real Estate programming and planning for expansion, consolidation, and  business unit alignment
  • Strategic and tactical space planning
  • Move planning and relocation
  • Project planning, design, and construction management 
  • Computer room and data center management, consolidation, and moves
  • Building commissioning and decommissioning
  • Landscaping design and project 
  • CAFM services


How We're Different

  • Highly experienced, diversified and technical in-house staff with solid business partners
  • Innovative workplace solutions for best in class cost structure
  • Highly competitive cost for our services
  • Exceptional customer satisfaction
  • One stop shopping or selective services to meet the customer needs
  • Flexibility in new and legacy environments through an experienced staff
  • Executive level support team
  • No unplanned business interruption policy