Data Center & Computer Lab Projects

Security Software Company – September through December 2016
Programmed, planned, and managed the consolidation of lab space into a new  facility. Also included logistics as well as subsequent site decommissioning. The project included handling of a significant amount of antiquated equipment where replacement parts were not easily available as well as intellectual property. There were no failures of equipment upon bring-up. 

Wireless HW Company – October 2016 through June 2017
Programmed, planned and managed end-to-end consolidation and physical relocation of 20 labs and 3 production environments including associated racks, devices, and instruments between multiple facilities in Santa Clara, Fremont, and Sunnyvale. Project involved handling of 9,000 physically sensitive servers and coms devices, 500 electronic instruments, associated lab stock and furniture were successfully consolidated and relocated. The projects included shipping and logistics as well as subsequent building decommissioning and intellectual property. The relocation was successful and zero equipment failures.